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One question i get asked a lot is “What are the top ways I can attract birds to my yard?” So today I’ve decided to answer that question for everyone.

In my opinion there are 3 top ways to attract ANY bird to your yard.

1.) Fresh Seed.

The Fresher the Better. Bird Seed does have a shelf life and when you buy your seed you should buy it from a place that can guarantee they haven’t had it sitting in a warehouse for 6 months already. Most local Bird Stores buy and sell their seed locally and have it fresh for you. So putting Fresh Seed in a Clean Feeder should do the trick. Some people will sprinkle a little seed under the feeder on the ground because some birds will eat off the ground and when that seed is gone they naturally go up to find more….they will find your feeder that way.

2.) Clean Water Source.

Whether you have a birdbath or a running stream, birds love a good water source. It’s not always an easy thing for them to find. To keep your water extra fresh try some birdbath Protector to prolong the freshness of your water!! Water will bring birds that you wouldn’t normally see at feeders such as Cedar Waxwings, Bluebirds, Robins, Hummingbirds etc. Adding a Water Wiggler helps to move the water and moving water attracts even more birds!!

3.) Choose Garden plants that make a hearty meal.

Seed- and berry-bearing plants will attract hungry birds to your yard. Select plants that peak at different times of year for a long-lasting backyard buffet.

4.) I know I said 3 top ways but I wanted to add one more.

Birds like (and need) cover, especially near feeders, so plant evergreen trees, bushes, vines or ground covers nearby.

Welcome to spring. This week i looked out my back window and saw an array of colors, not just colorful flowers but colorful birds!! Among them were Gold Finches, Bluebirds, Orioles, Hummingbirds, Summer Tanagers and Indigo Buntings! Wow I love Spring!!

Happy Birding!!

FTWB-Gang ~ Crinda, Grant, Marilyn, Rhea, Patrick and Chocolate (the guard dog)

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