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Let’s talk babies!!! Baby birds that is!!

This time of year I get so many baby birds brought to me by people who think the birds are in need of help. Usually they have found these birds hopping around on the ground unable to fly. 9 times out of 10 these birds are just fine. You see baby birds fledge the nest or get kicked out by mom and dad when they are ready to be on their own. But don’t think that mom and dad just abandon them. Most likely mom and dad are close by keeping an eye out bringing them food and teaching them how to hunt for their own food.

You see baby birds learn how to fly from the ground up. So when they fledge the nest they will hop around on the ground for a couple of days while mom and dad teach them everything they need to know to survive. So before you grab the next baby bird you see hopping around take a look around you’ll most likely see mom and dad somewhere, just let them do their job.

If you want to help try putting out Live or Dried Mealworms for the parents to feed their young.

Fun Feather Fact. Finches are vegetarians so they feed their young seeds instead of insects. This goes for the American Goldfinch and the House Finch.

From the crew here at For The Wild Birds; Crinda, Grant, Marilyn, Pat, Rhea, Pierce and of course the Guard Dogs (don’t step on them please) Chocolate, Alice and Nina

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