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What Birds Eat In The Winter

A birds Caloric requirement increases during the winter at a time when food is most scarce. There are no longer insects flying around. Seeds, fruits and nuts are frozen and covered in snow.

Some birds collect food in the summer and fall months and store it away for later use when it gets cold. Often birds (or squirrels) return to the stash of food when food is scarce.

Eating dormant insects that they find in the crevices of trees is another way birds find food. A lot of birds will eat berries such as bayberry and juniper in the winter also.

Some birds flock together to find reliable feeders. Such as cardinals. Cardinals are usually very protective of their food sources in the spring and summer but come winter they are tolerant of other cardinal families coming into their space in order to survive. But come next spring the dominant male will basically say “Okay time to go find your own yard to live in.”

You Can Help By Providing The Following…

  • Suet Feeders. Suet provides a lot of Fat for this season. A little bit goes a long way with the birds.
  • Sunflower seeds…Black Oil Sunflower in the shell or out of the shell is a favorite of most all seed eating birds.
  • Nyjer seed…This is a great high oil, high fat seed to feed to help keep the birds warm all winter.

Please remember that if you start feeding the birds for the winter they will count on you to keep them stocked all winter long!!

Have an amazing winter filled with lots of days cozied up by your fireplace looking out your windows at the birds you are single handedly helping to keep alive!!

From the Crew and furry friends here at For The Wild Birds.

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