Owner, For The Wild Birds

Grant is the current owner of For The Wild Birds after working here for about 6 years with his mom, Crinda. He is going to college at The University of Nebraska – Omaha and is working toward his major in business management. Crinda introduced him to birding which led him to working at the store with her and getting more and more interested in the hobby!


Manager, For The Wild Birds

Crinda was the owner of For The Wild Birds for 10 years, starting when a friend of hers introduced her to birding. She uses many feeders from the store in her yard and is passionate about helping people start and/or continue their bird watching hobby! Crinda is now the manager after making her son, Grant, the new owner.


Bird Concierge, For The Wild Birds

Marilyn has been birding since her parents introduced her to it 30 years ago which led her to joining The Bird Club at Fontenelle Forest! She loves talking with our regular customers and helping new customers begin their new birding hobby. With her wealth of knowledge and 6 years working at For The Wild Birds, Marilyn will help you find the best feeder and seed for your birding experience!


Sales Consultant, For The Wild Birds

Rhea grew up in Minnesota and fell in love with the loon sand other water birds. She is a nature enthusiast and gets to watch birds when she hikes! Rhea is studying biology at The University of Nebraska – Omaha with plans of studying zoological medicine. Her family has not fed birds before, but her love of nature and animals led her to start feeding birds!


Sales Consultant, For The Wild Birds

Patrick (Pat) has grown to love birds after his family became avid birders for the last 5+ years. He is currently going to college at Metropolitan Community College working toward his nursing major. Although he loves working with customers,most of his time at the store is spent in the back room bagging seed and helping with everything behind the scenes!


Sales Consultant, For The Wild Birds

Kim is our favorite fill-in employee! It can be difficult to find good help and she is always willing to come in when we need her. She has been saving us for about 6 years now and she is definitely part of the family. She loves feeding her birds and is a wealth of knowledge for all our customers!


Our Dog

Chocolate is our 11-year-old Dachshund, aka Guard Dog (please don’t step on him)! He is always good about letting us know you are here. But if you’re really lucky, and he likes you, he will roll over and let you rub his belly. He is surely a customer favorite around here!


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Hi! My name is Crinda and I am the Manager of For The Wild Birds.

My friend was the first owner of this small business. She started the store back in 1995 but had to close it down in November of 2007 because of a decision to relocate to Arkansas. She needed help in putting everything on clearance and, being a stay-at-home mom at that time, I had some time on my hands to contribute assistance.

So, I volunteered.

For the next 7 days of working to close the store, loyal customers came in expressing their regret in seeing a small establishment close down after years of being in business. It became clear to me that it was a treasured place and a lot of people were sad to lose it.

I had no knowledge of running a business – let alone a seed store. But I knew from the atmosphere I had been during those 7 days that it was something I was willing to learn about and wanted to be a part of.

Because of this newly-found passion, I bought her inventory and kept the store open.

I didn’t know anything about feeding birds so I asked our loyal customers to teach me everything I need to learn. With their patience and enthusiasm, I acquired all the necessary information and know-how in running the business. Surprisingly, it became a new hobby for me – something I never thought I would enjoy so much.

I have already passed the family business to my son, Grant, who is nearing his last year in college. Like me, his desire to serve others unselfishly is his number one motivator in managing the business. Our team at the store also share the same perspective when it comes to their work.

It doesn’t matter if a customer comes in to buy our products or simply talk about birds – we give them all the same warmth and attention. We make sure to greet them by their first names and accommodate all their queries from seed deliveries to identifying new birds in their yards.

We treat each other like family the way we do our customers. This personal relationship that we have established with each and every one of them is what sets For The Wild Birds apart from others.

When it comes to our services, For The Wild Birds has the experts in all-natural seed, bird houses, and bird-themed décor to make your yard or acreage the perfect home for your local wildlife. We offer all kinds of bird accessories such as pole systems, birdhouses and baths, bird identification books and brochures, and nesting materials just to name a few.

Our top quality brands include:

  • Droll Yankees
  • Birds Choice
  • Aspects
  • Brome
  • Songbird Essentials
  • Erva
  • Others

We also sell local products such as:

  • Santa Martha Coffee
  • Wax Buffalo Candles
  • Cryin’ Creek Candles
  • Cryin’ Creek Liquor Bottle Feeder
  • Benson Soap Mill Soaps
  • Greg’s Shaped Ground Feeders
  • Bernie Houses & Churches
  • Jane’s Gadget Bags
  • Ivan’s Wooden Signs & Houses
  • Terry’s Bird Houses
  • And many more!

We use all the products we sell at the store in our own backyard so we know the best recommendations to give you. Our bird experts at For The Wild Birds can also give you advice in attracting particular birds or deterring squirrels around your property.

So, don’t be shy – drop by For The Wild Birds and say hi!

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