Oriole Feeder


Attract orioles to your yard with our oriole feeder made to dispense a generous quantity of their favorite food, grape jelly and oranges! Our recycled feeder uses orange poly lumber which will further attract orioles because of the orange color. This feeder features our clear polycarbonate roof with rounded edges which allows orioles to see the food and protects it from rain. Two removable cups to dispense grape jelly and two pegs for orange halves. Cups also may be used to dispense mealworms for Bluebirds. Your birds will love this feeder and you will too!

  • 5/8″ Poly-lumber feeder made from recycled plastic and milk jugs; lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Fully routed edges
  • Thick, heavy-duty acrylic roof|Comes w/two removable cups to dispense grape jelly
  • Two pegs for orange halves
  • Comes hanging cable
  • Made in the USA by Birds Choice
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