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New to Birding?

Starting any new hobby can be somewhat overwhelming, so let us do some of the thinking for you. Starting Simple is the key.  Try one of our Seed Log/Cylinder feeders for a no mess, quick and convenient beginning to your new bird feeding hobby.  Simply pick your favorite style seed log/cylinder feeder, then pick the flavor cylinder you want to provide for your feathered friends.  Lastly, pick the location you want to hang your feeder, then decide if you need any mounting or hanging hardware to attach to a deck or put into the ground.  Simply put, the best location is one where you can enjoy watching the birds daily.  They will come right up close to your windows or you can enjoy them further out in your yard!! When you start brand new, give your birds up to 2 weeks to find your feeder and then shortly after you'll see an increase .  Some quick notes on common problems would be placing your feeder at least 10-15 feet away from anything squirrels can jump from to prevent the little critters from eating all of your birds food!  You can either start simple and stay simple or start simple and grow!! Let us help you with whatever you decide. Happy Birding!!!
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