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$25 to $50

  • ERVA

    4 x 4 Auger


    Simplify the process of mounting a 4 x 4 post by using this auger.  The shaft extends 24" into the ground and provides a sturdy base for your 4 x 4...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    50 Proof

    from $5.49

    50 Proof is a specifically made for For The Wild Birds.  Because it is Safflower, it is a deterrent to squirrels and black birds. 50 Proof is half...

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  • Birds Choice

    Acorn Peanut Feeder

    from $45.99

    Acorn shaped bird feeder, with wire mesh sides, perfect for clingers.  Easy open roof for filling with shelled peanuts or suet nuggets.  Available ...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Big Red Attraction

    from $4.49

    Big Red Attraction is a rich no-cereal-grain blend formulated with only oil-rich seeds and raisins. This blend is a huge hit with a majority of son...

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  • Blue Handworks

    Bird Driftwood Chimes


    Bird Driftwood Chimes are an ideal addition to any outdoor living space, featuring colorful glass pieces that sparkle in the sunlight. They are eas...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Black Oil

    from $1.99

    Black Oil Sunflower seed is the most popular seed for songbirds.  Black Oil sunflower seed consists a good mature seed having 70% kernel and 30% s...

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  • Ryder Scents

    Blood Orange Candle

    from $8.99

    Add a splash of citrusy sophistication to any room with this Blood Orange Candle! In vibrant red, this candle comes in multiple sizes so you can ch...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Coarse Sunflower Hearts

    from $5.99

    Coarse Sunflower Hearts are a large chip of the heart of the sunflower seed. If you take your Black Oil Sunflower seed and take the shell off you h...

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  • Songbird Essentials

    Copper Seed Tube Feeders

    from $32.99

    This line of feeders is made from sturdy material that helps to keep seed dry and fresh, while the seed diverter in the base allows birds to eat ev...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Cracked Corn

    from $1.49

    Our cracked corn is ideal for chick scratch and wild birds Cracked corn is a "fine" sized, non-GMO cleaned field corn A favorite of Sparrows, Blac...

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  • Princeton University

    Crossley Eastern Birds


    This stunningly illustrated book from acclaimed birder and photographer Richard Crossley revolutionizes field guide design by providing the first r...

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