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Use code HUMMER for 20% ALL hummingbird products! 🌼
Use code HUMMER for 20% ALL hummingbird products! 🌼
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house sparrow

  • Hilltop

    Bird Banquet - Green


    Feed the birds in style with this heavy-duty, easy to use cylinder feeder. Long-lasting and low maintenance, Bird Banquet makes it simple to provid...

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  • Des Moines Feed


    from $1.99

    White Proso Millet is mechanically processed to remove the outer hull  A good carbohydrate for domestic and wild birds No Mess Feeding A favorite ...

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  • Pine Tree Farms

    Nutsie Seed Cake

    from $6.99

    This is by far the highest quality Seed Cake/Cylinder that we offer.  Jammed packed with Tree Nuts and Fruit this is sure to be a favorite of All y...

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  • Birds Choice

    Small Hopper Green Roof


    This small recyled hopper feeder is perfect for attracting a large variety of birds to your area! With its Sturdy construction that is guaranteed t...

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  • C & S

    Suet Nuggets

    from $9.99

    Give your birds something to tweet about with this bag of suet balls. Roasted Peanuts, Rendered Beef Suet, Oats, Pepper (Red), Soy Oil and Corn. Ho...

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  • Wildlife Science

    Sunny Mealworm Seed Cakes

    from $5.99

    These Sunny Mealworm compressed seed cakes/cylinders are great for ALL the wild birds. This is a favorite of any songbird. No mess and formulated w...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Whole Corn

    from $0.99

    Whole Corn is a a shelled non-GMO corn.   Whole Corn is just that, the whole kernel, no cob. Enjoyed by Squirrels and other wildlife such as deer,...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Wild Bird Special

    from $2.99

    Wild Bird Special is specifically made for For The Wild Birds.  It's a great blend of multiple seeds and nuts Wild Bird Special is formulated with...

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  • Songbird Essentials

    Window Cup Feeder


    This is a Great beginner feeder, especially for kids or cats! Just affix to your window, add bird seed and let the entertaining begin Provides up ...

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