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Suet Nuggets

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Give your birds something to tweet about with this bag of suet balls. Roasted Peanuts, Rendered Beef Suet, Oats, Pepper (Red), Soy Oil and Corn. Hot Pepper Suet Nuggets can be fed alone (in the one and only suet nugget feeder), on a platform feeder or Nugget/Peanut feeder. Ideal when mixed with 5-10 lbs. of seed in a traditional feeder. Resealable bag

  • Hot pepper nuggets keeps the squirrels and other critters away
  • Easily mixes in with loose bird seed to add extra fat and nutrition to the mix
  • Made in the USA 
  • A great additive for Any time of the year 
  • Resealable bag 
  • Many different flavors

Best for these Birds

- Any
- Bluebird
- Bluejay
- Cardinal
- Catbird
- Chickadee
- Dove
- Finch
- House-sparrow
- Indigo-bunting
- Junco
- Nuthatch
- Oriole
- Titmouse
- Woodpecker
- Wren

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