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Problem Solvers

From our Experts:Solve problems with a messy feeder or invasive critters with these products!
  • Des Moines Feed

    White Safflower

    from $4.49

    White Safflower Seed is a favorite of a lot of Songbirds White Safflower Seed is a western grown, high quality seed Loved most by Cardinals, House...

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  • Mr Bird

    Safflower Seed Cakes

    from $4.99

    These safflower cakes are great way to deter pest birds such as grackles, starlings and even squirrels and racoons as it is a bitter seed 100% saf...

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  • Hilltop

    Mr. Woodpecker


    Introduce Mr. Woodpecker to your outdoor space! This stylish suet feeder is designed to resemble a woodpecker, offering a stylish addition to your ...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    Golden Safflower

    from $3.99

    Golden Safflower is also referred to as Nutra-Saff.  It is known to deter Squirrels and all Black Birds and Raccoons Golden Safflower is a hybrid ...

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  • Des Moines Feed

    50 Proof

    from $5.49

    50 Proof is a specifically made for For The Wild Birds.  Because it is Safflower, it is a deterrent to squirrels and black birds. 50 Proof is half...

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