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Problem Solvers

From our Experts:Solve problems with a messy feeder or invasive critters with these products!
  • Sapphire Labs

    Feeder Fresh 9 oz Bag


    Feeder Fresh is a bird-safe moisture trap and seed preservative that can be used in feeders and seed storage containers. It reduces the negative e...

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  • Birds Choice

    Medium Recycled Fly Thru


    This medium-sized fly-thru feeder is perfect for attracting cardinals to your backyard. It has an open-sided design to provide an unobstructed view...

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  • Songbird Essentials

    Bluebird Nest Lift


    Keeps nests dry and safe! Place in bottom of bird house. Helps control Blow flies, parasites, and other nesting problems. Helps ensure more viable ...

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  • Birds Choice

    Recycled 7 Qt Hopper.


    Add a classic touch to your backyard oasis with this Medium Recycled Hopper Feeder! This hopper design is made with recycled poly lumber, has a 6 p...

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  • ERVA

    Green Cylinder Feeder


    This cylinder seed cake holder will hold all of our small and large compressed seed cylinders And our small compressed seed squares stack very nice...

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  • Aspects

    Super Tube Top II


    This Multi Purpose Baffle/Weather Guard solves multiple problems for you at your bird feeder! We consider this the grand daddy of all baffles and f...

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  • Aspects

    Tube Top


    This is one of Aspects most popular weather guards. With it's patented design that protects all Aspects 2-3/4 tubes from rain and snow.  Simply sli...

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  • Birds Choice

    Scalloped Weather Guard


    Brilliant colored, scalloped covers that protects your hanging feeder from rain and snow.  This helps to eliminate mold and build up in your feeder...

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