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Feeder Fresh 9 oz Bag

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Feeder Fresh is a bird-safe moisture trap and seed preservative that can be used in feeders and seed storage containers. It reduces the negative effects of moisture such as caking, spoilage and aging. Keeps it clean, dry and fresh! It’s safe absorbent granules grab moisture, keeping seed fresh even with rain, humidity and condensation. Also, no more scrubbing, scraping or ruined feeders.

Feeder Fresh is absolutely safe. Made from sand, just very absorbent. Contains no harmful chemicals, only bird-safe granules composed of the same essential minerals as grit, naturally consumed by wild birds.

You can use Feeder Fresh in any type of feeder that has an enclosed structure. The more enclosed the feeder structure the more efficiently Feeder Fresh works (such as tube feeders & hopper feeders).

Attracts more wild birds and helps bird feed last longer.

  • PROVEN TO KEEP SEED LONGER: It is a bird safe moisture trap, keeping bird seed expenses down by changing seed less often
  • PREVENT SPROUTING AND CAKING: Safely and effectively prevents growth and ensures your bird feeder stays clean, dry and healthy
  • KEEPS BIRD SEED FRESH: Birds can sense stale seed even before spoilage becomes visible to the human eye. Feeder Fresh keeps your bird feeder continuously dry and alluring to your birds
  • MAKE TUBE FEEDER CLEANING EASIER: Without the caking, cleaning becomes much easier, quicker and less frequent
  • YOUR BIRDS WILL THANK YOU: By continuing to grace your backyard more often because your feeders are in good health
  • 10"L x 4.6"W x 2.1"H

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