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Petunia Passion Plastic Dish Hummingbird Feeder 13oz

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Attract more hummingbirds while bringing beautiful pink and purple blooms to your backyard with the 13 oz. Petunia Passion Decorative Dish Hummingbird Feeder! Maximize hummingbird comfort and viewing with 5 flexible lifelike flower ports and dual-distance built-in perches to let the hummingbirds rest while feeding so you can view them longer! This feeder comes equipped with a hanging hook on the bottom, allowing you to connect multiple feeders together to feed even more hummingbirds in one space. Defend your nectar and protect your hummingbirds with the built-in ant moat and domed flower ports that create a naturally bee-resistant design while a sufficient distance from the feeding ports to the bottom of the base dish ensures hummingbirds of all sizes can reach the nectar with their long tongues. Never worry about trapped dirt or grime since the two-part base system and removable flower ports allow the feeder to be completely disassembled for a thorough cleaning.

  • Attract more hummingbirds while bringing beautiful blooms to your backyard with this decorative dish hummingbird feeder!
  • Five feeding ports attract multiple hummingbirds
  • Dual-distance built-in perches encourage longer feeding time for hummingbirds of all sizes.
  • Easy Connect design allows for multiple feeders to be connected from top to bottom - creating An expanded feeding station
  • Built-in ant moat deters unwanted pests from reaching the nectar

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- Hummingbird

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